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Greek and Latin Focus

Classical Studies on the WWW

An up-to-date listing of most things on the web related to classical civilization, maintained by the Classical Studies Department at Wesleyan University.

Classics and Mediterranean Archeology Home Page

A rich collection of material, enhanced by the addition of a Search Tool. Maintained by the University of Michigan's Classics Department.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World

The best site available for the study of gender and women in antiquity, Diotima includes essays, articles, images, bibliography, reviews, course materials, translations of selected texts, and a new section on Biblical Studies.

Perseus at Tufts University

An evolving online catalog of information pertaining to Greek Antiquity. Perseus includes a very complete encyclopedia, vase database (with images), architecture database (also with images), and complete text (in both Greek and English) of many ancient authors.

Classical Studies at Shields Library

Classical Studies reference materials at Shields Library here on the UC Davis campus.

Latin Dictionaries Online

A collection of Latin dictionaries and related materials available on the web.


A virtual community for teaching and learning classics, particularly in the Roman world. Information includes web pages on Roman history and culture, Roman history timetable, an image collection, etc.

California Classical Association/North

Information about the activities of the state classics organization, including membership, programs, and activities.

Eta Sigma Phi Web Site

Everything you need to know about the national honorary society for Greek and Latin.

Reviewing Greek on the Web

This web site is designed for beginning and intermediate Greek students. It's a great way to keep up language skills between courses or over the summer.

Nuntii Latini

The news in Latin from Finnish Radio.

Biblical Focus

Material Culture of Ancient Canaan, Israel, and Related Peoples

This is a full text history of Bronze and Iron Age cultures in the region, with images of artifacts, sites, etc., for an archeology class at UPenn (Biblical Archaelogy). A fantastic resource.

Religious Studies Course Materials at UPenn

The University of Pennsylvania, and Prof. James O'Donnell in particular, has been a leader in Internet-based instruction. Here you may find assembled a great amount of material of interest to students and scholars of ancient Israel, early Judaism, Christianity, and more.

Resource Page-Biblical Studies

A very full listing of most things on the Internet, maintained by Torrey Seland, Associate Prof. of Biblical Studies at Volda College in Volda, Norway.

Resources for the History of Ancient Egypt

This is a collection of material for a course, History of Ancient Egypt, at Northwestern University. The site is "under construction," but it is nonetheless impressive.

Worlds of Late Antiquity

Another UPenn course, with resources for the study of all aspects of the cultures of late antiquity, in both the Greek East, and the Latin West.

Databases Useful for Research

Searchable Greek Inscriptions

A free online database of Greek inscriptions.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae online (UCD has institutional subscription).

A free online database of Greek documentary papyri.

L'Année philologique

online database of secondary sources (UCD has institutional subscription).