Classics 020. Pompei AD 79 (4 units)

imageClassics 020. Pompei AD 79 (4 units)
Brad Sekedat

TR 1:40-3:00P
1150 Hart Hall
CRN 66107

Course Description: Roman life in an urban community at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius. Slide presentations of the archeological evidence will be supplemented by selected readings from Petronius' Satyricon and other ancient authors.

Prerequisite: None.

GE credit (Old): Arts & Humanities and Writing Experience.
GE credit (New): Arts & Humanities, Visual Literacy, World Cultures, and Writing Experience.

Format: Lecture - 3 hours; Term Paper.


  • Joanne Berry, The Complete Pompeii  (Thames & Hudson, 2007)