Given the great flexibility in the Classics major, it is important that students design their programs in close consultation with their major adviser. This is especially important for students who intend to use their major as preparation for graduate study, who are planning a teaching career, or who wish to go study abroad.

Faculty Advisers

   Name    Email  Phone  Office  Office Hours
 Webster, Colin
 Assistant Professor/ Lead Undergraduate Adviser  No Phone  710 Sproul  TR 12:30–1:30P
 Stem, Rex
 Associate Professor/ Undergraduate Adviser No Phone  716 Sproul  M  and by appt.
 Uhlig, Anna
 Associate Professor/ Undergraduate Adviser No Phone  706 Sproul  On leave Fall quarter
 Popescu, Valentina
 Lecturer/Undergraduate Adviser  No Phone  718 Sproul  M  and by appt.

Staff Adviser

Name Email Phone Office Office Hours
Wong, Lauren
Undergraduate Program Adviser (530) 752-4999 211 Sproul
  • In-person at Sproul Hall: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 8:30-12, 12-5:30
  • Working remotely: Monday, Thursday - 8:30-12, 12:30-5