John Rundin


Position Title
Lecturer in Classics

713 Sproul
Office Hours
Tu. 11 a.m.-noon, W. 10-11 a.m., W. 4-5 p.m., Th. 11 a.m.-noon. Please see syllabus or email me for the zoom link.

Education and Degree(s):

  • Ph.D., Classics, University of California, Berkeley
  • A.B., Greek, Latin, and German, University of Illinois, Chicago


Research Interest(s):

  • Latin and Greek Language
  • Latin and Greek Literature
  • Greek Religion
  • Ancient Eroticism
  • Ancient Philosophy

Course(s) Taught:

  • LAT 1/2/3: Elementary Latin
  • Horace
  • Lucretius
  • Mythology
  • Etymology
  • Greek Prose

Selected Publications:

Review of Thomas Hubbard, Homosexuality in Greece and Rome, Mouseion 6 (2006) 74-77.

"The Naturalist Platonism of Jack London's The Red One," Excavatio 19 (2004) 334-47.

"Pozo Moro, Child Sacrifice and the Greek Legendary Tradition," Journal of Biblical Literature 123 (2004) 425-447.

"The Epicurean Morality of Vergil's Bucolics," Classical World 96 (2003) 159-177.

Review of Iaroslav Lebedynsky, Les Scythes: La civilisation des steppes (VIIe-IIIe siècles av. J.-C.), Journal of Indo-European Studies 31 (2003) 453-456.

Review of Dirk Steuernagel, Menschenopfer und Mord am Altar: Griechische Mythen in etruskischen Gräbern, in the Journal of Indo-European Studies 29 (2001) 417-20.

"The Vegetarianism of Empedocles," Ancient World 29 (1998) 19-36.

"Hercules Comes to the Suburban Octoplex," Animation World Magazine 2.4 (July 1997)

"A Politics of Eating," American Journal of Philology 117 (1996) 179-215.