Valentina Popescu


Position Title
Lecturer in Classics
Undergraduate Advisor

Office Hours
Tuesday & Thursday 1:10-2:10 and by appointment (email to request a Zoom link)

Education and Degrees:

  • Ph.D., Classics, University of Cincinnati
  • B.A., Classics and Spanish, Al. I. Cuza University, Iași, Romania

Research Interests:

  • Imperial literature
  • Ancient constructions of identity
  • Ancient Novel, Comedy, Paradoxography

Courses Taught:

  • Elementary Greek and Latin
  • New Testament Greek
  • Lucian, Aristophanes, Homer, Herodotus, Plato
  • Apuleius, Petronius, Virgil, Plautus, Pliny the Younger, Caesar, Cicero
  • Women and Gender in Antiquity, Ancient Novel, Greek and Roman Comedy, Etymology
  • First Year Seminars: Sex Strike and Woman Power. From Lysistrata to Allysa Milano (2020); Fantasy and Satire in Lucian (2018) 

Honors and Awards:  

  • Academic Federation Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2019)

Selected Publications:

“Phlegon’s Marvels in Context”, In E. Cueva et al., Re-Writing the Ancient Novel. Volume 2: Roman Novels and Other Important Texts, Ancient Narrative Supplementum 24.2, 2018, 249-260.

"Thauma in Lucian", in J.-Ph. Guez, F. Klein, J. Peigney, and E. Prioux, Dictionnaire des images du poétique dans l’Antiquité (forthcoming). 

"Lucian's Saturnalia. Rewriting the Literary Nomoi." Illinois Classical Studies 41.1, 2016, 219-228.

"Lucian's True Stories: Paradoxography and False Discourse." In M. Futre Pinheiro, G. Schmeling, E. Cuevas, Frontiers of the Genre. Fluid Texts, Ancient Narrative Supplementum 18, 2014, 39-58.

"Paradoxography and the Aesthetics of Paradox in Lucian's Prolaliai." Nuntius Antiquus 9.2, 2013, 57-86.